Are you half way through planning and decorating your own wedding, booked your florist, booked your cake decorator, booked your furniture and decor maybe even bought table numbers, guest favours and employed a graphic artist to design your wedding stationery BUT you would now like Little Gray Station to take a look over all your styling elements and refine or add to what you already have?

  • We start by collecting all invoices from vendors to see what you have booked and organised.
  • Next we meet with you at your venue where we run through ALL of your decorating plans down to the finest details. We want to understand where you are at, what you have bought, what you have booked and what more we need and where.
  • At our venue meeting we will brainstorm some ideas with you until we are on the right path.
  • After our meeting we collate all of the information you have given us and we start with the areas that could do with an injection to turn your wedding from a “house to a home”.
  • We liaise with your already booked vendors and source quotes from other vendors for any new additions and we present all of this to you for approval.
  • Let us take care of all the “other” things that you just haven’t gotten around to or simply not sure what works!
  • If you are unsure about floor-plans and where everything is going to be placed, we will discuss this at our venue meeting and come up with a few options and design floor plans for reference on the day.
  • Once you have approved the new elements in your wedding, we will liaise with vendors to amend their invoices to include the changes or additions.
  • Closer to the wedding a full “setup” run-sheet will be created for vendors and first be sent to you for approval, once we receive your approval we will proceed to send this out to the suppliers and venue.
  • This package gives you 10 hours of styling including the venue meeting.

If you would like our team to be there on the day to setup your wedding, please refer to our “Mega On The Day Setup” package. A 10% discount is offered on the “Mega On The Day Setup” package if you are also booking the “Meet You Half Way” styling package. Based on availability of course!